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LIT Drones: The Traxxas Aton Review

Traxxas, we expect quite a few drone fans to be familiar with this name. They’ve been in the RC business for a long time now. We’ll make this quick so you can get out there and do whatever you guys do during the day lol. Traxxas has created a drone. They created the Traxxas Aton. […]

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XK X350 Review – Air Dancer Stunt Drone

Stunt drones! Short and Sweet. We’ve been talking so much about drone racing lately that we decided to switch it up a bit. Don’t get us wrong, drone racing is awesome! But we want to talk a little about stunt drones, the Air Dancer in particular. Why the XK X350? Well, it’s pretty affordable, comes […]

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Eachine Falcon 250 Review

Let’s see, what can we at LITdrones say about the Eachine Falcon 250? Well, FPV racing is becoming more and more popular but I know, duhhhh, you guys already know that. So, what Eachine did was make it super easy for you guys to jump right into the fpv drone racing world with a RTF […]

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Beginner FPV Goggles: Eachine EV800, For Those That Want A Little More

Today, we received our new Eachine EV800 FPV Goggles! Our first impression wasn’t that great because the box came in totally smashed and mangled, however, the goggles were OK and they look pretty good! The quality and feel of the goggles really isn’t that bad, you can tell that the plastic feels a little cheap, […]

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Beginner Drone: Estes Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter Review

Beginner Drone: Estes Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter Review by brian  Look no further! This is an awesome ready to fly, beginner drone for the price as you can get a hold of one of these for somewhere between $25 to $30. It comes in a variety of colors and also allows multiple to be flown […]

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Who Says Small Things Can’t Pack Some Big Fun?

A Review On The Proto X Nano Drone We at LITdrones ordered a couple of nano quadcopters just to see how well these little drones fly. We specifically bought the Proto X and seriously, this little thing totally surprised us. The price on it is good, the durability is quite excellent, and the speed? Insane for […]

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