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Zip-tie Insta360 GO Mount

Insta360 Go ZIP-TIE Mount for Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle

Here’s a very basic solution (for those of us without 3D printers) on mounting the Insta360 GO to the Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle. I used 2 small (2mm width) zip-ties to make one “loop” to hold the GO camera. Total of 4 zip-ties to make the 2 loops to hold it. The first zip-tie was run […]

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Tinyhawk Freestyle with Insta360 GO

Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle “HD” Insta360 GO Review and flight video

Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle Setup Been flying the Emax Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle for a several weeks now with the Insta360 GO Camera. I got to say that it flies very well and gets “decent” footage. (Scroll to bottom if you just want to see some flight footage) My current setup for this review: Factory PID profile […]

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