dji fpv drone box

DJI FPV Drone | Freestyle or Racing?

This is definitely one of the more interesting new products DJI is working on. The shape of the drone is just interesting looking at it. In the second leaked tweet of it flying, it looks super bulky and maybe suggests it may not be designed for freestyle but will be more of a racer. Perhaps […]

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Zip-tie Insta360 GO Mount

Insta360 Go ZIP-TIE Mount for Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle

Here’s a very basic solution (for those of us without 3D printers) on mounting the Insta360 GO to the Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle. I used 2 small (2mm width) zip-ties to make one “loop” to hold the GO camera. Total of 4 zip-ties to make the 2 loops to hold it. The first zip-tie was run […]

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