Insta360 Go ZIP-TIE Mount for Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle

Here’s a very basic solution (for those of us without 3D printers) on mounting the Insta360 GO to the Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle.

Tinyhawk Freestyle with Insta360 GO
Tinyhawk Freestyle with Insta360 GO

I used 2 small (2mm width) zip-ties to make one “loop” to hold the GO camera. Total of 4 zip-ties to make the 2 loops to hold it.

The first zip-tie was run through the first V shaped slot on the front of the top plate and around above the FPV cam.

Then the second zip tie was connected to the ends to complete the loop.

[You can get away with using 1 and looping it all the way around but I found using 2 gave it a nice flat surface on the top to provide a better fit]

Once you get both loops loosely placed, you will need to adjust the length of the 2 zip ties to “fit” the top of the GO Camera for a snug fit.

I also recommend adding electrical tape or something non -slip on the top plate where the camera will rest.

Previously I used Velcro tape on the plate and on the GO camera and seemed to work well.

Take a look at the photos since it I don’t think I am explaining it that well. Let me know if you have questions. thanks!

Watch some Insta360 GO Flight footage on the Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle!


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