DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

Hey hey hey! How are you guys doing? Have you guys heard about DJI’s new update on the Mavic???

Well, as you guys know, we purchased a Mavic Pro a few months ago and we love it! We love it so much, that we were about to purchase another one when we came across their new successor, the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum!

The new platinum model has a longer flight time at about 30 minutes (about 3 minutes more than the original) and it’s also quite a bit quieter than the pro. All of this is because of it’s new updated ESCs and props!

Now we’re sitting here wondering if there’s going to be a Mavic 2 coming soon. Should we wait? Or should we go ahead and pick up the Platinum and maybe make a comparison video?

At about 99 USD more, is it worth buying the Mavic Pro Platinum over the Mavic Pro?

Let us know what you guys think!


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