FPV Freerider Drone Simulator

So, don’t we always need more practice? Of course we always need to put in more practice. That’s the only way to get better at anything you do in life. For us, we love flying drones. But sometimes, the weather just isn’t right or it’s late or there’s no where we can go for practice or we’re too broke to replace broken parts. Whatever the reason, there are always obstacles to keep you from flying and perfecting your hobby. Well, we recently stumbled upon this awesome simulator. That’s right, a drone FPV simulator called, FPV Free Rider!

This thing is sweet! It’s a pretty good flying simulator made specifically for quadcopters. They have a free version which allows you to fly in a desert background, but if you get the paid version, it’s only 5 bucks and it gives you 5 more stages!

All you need to do is use your current transmitter, get a USB adapter, hook it up to your computer, calibrate it, select your stage, and fly!

We are currently using a FlySky FS-i6 transmitter that came with our Eachine Falcon 250 and we got our USB cable from Amazon for 10.99 US. It was plug and play pretty much.

Go try it out and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

We’ll also have a write up on the setup for both the FlySky FS-i6 & Taranis QX7 and some adjustments to allow a more “real” feel.


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