New compact DJI Mavic Case!

Today we’ve got a new case to look at for the DJI Mavic Pro.

This is the latest case for the Mavic from PolarPro. This is a nice compact case that fits the essentials and provides what feels like just the right amount of protection for general lugging around without having to worry damage. It also has a carrying handle and customizable space. The best part is that it slides right into my back pack at a depth of just 5″ and is  affordable at $29.99.

After changing around the dividers I have my case holding the following.

  • Mavic Pro
  • Controller
  • 1 additional Battery
  • Charger with the power cord and usb cable for controller

Note that there is space for another battery, but I have yet to get a third one.

I also need to state that this is a molded “soft” case, meaning the case holds a shape but is made from softer material unlike the heavy duty hard cases you may be familiar with.

Now, checkout the highlights and photos below!

What we like:

  • Affordable at $29.99
  • Compact – Easy to carry in a backpack and not much wasted space in the case
  • Light weight
  • Configurable – enough to accommodate your essentials
  • Basic carrying handle



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