FPV This! 25mW Cam Review

FPV This! 25mW FPV Cam!

So we’ve gotten our hands on a couple types of FPV cams and in this post we’ll be reviewing the Crazepony 25mW 40CH FPV Cam.

Using this on a stock Eachine E010 (No upgrades to motor or battery) the flight is still stable, responsive, and can hover in place without problems. This FPV cam can easily be used on anything, such as the JJRC H36, the Blade Inductrix, or any R/C as well, just check the voltage and connect as desired.

NOTE: The Eachine E010 & JJRC H36 requires soldering! Please read the DIY HERE

So far, this FPV Cam has provided a good video feed for flying around the home and behind up to 2 walls. With a flight time ranging from 3-4.5 minutes due to it’s low power consumption and its weight, it has definitely outperformed its clover leaf counterpart that we have.

The one thing you will notice is that you will slowly lose altitude when flying at full speed before battery is almost discharged (flashing lights). This is nothing major, but is a good warning sign to fly quad back to your desired location.

Anyways, onto the Feautres and Specs on this 25mW Cam.

  • 5.8ghz, 25mW transmitter
  • 40 Channels
  • 600 TVL camera – Not quite “HD”, but more than enough for E010, H36, and Inductrix
  • 200-215 mA power consumption – allows for decent fly time with the stock 150 mAH battery
  • 2.9-5.5 V – Accepts a range of voltage, for the eachine, jjrc, or blade it will work directly with the existing battery (3.7 Volts)
  • Video inversion – with a press of a button the image can be inverted. I do not recommend though, as the left and right is also be inverted if mounted upside down.
  • Y adapter – Great for the Blade Inductrix as no soldering is needed.
  • Body Mount  – Nice addition for those who want to use the included mount. For mine, I am using doubled sided tape and the body clip mount I created which you can read about HERE.

We’ll get some videos posted soon but for now, Photos!

It’s available on amazon and 2 day shipping for those with prime!

Crazepony FX805SC FPV AIO Camera Tiny Whoop 600TVL 5.8GHz 25mW Transmitter Micro Mini Camera for Blade Inductrix

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