Month: September 2016

GoPro Karma: More Than A Drone

The GoPro Karma, is it really more than a drone? It seems that GoPro had to step up their game and jump into the drone industry to help people with aerial recording.┬áThe Karma looks nice and has a low profile. Best part is, it’s super portable. The drone folds up, the transmitter folds up, it […]

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SkyRC iMax B6 mini Charger

Hey LIT fans, how art thou today? Ok, so I just received my new drone charger and it totally looks awesome. It is the imax B6 mini made by Sky RC and it looks like one of those cool big chargers, but more compact. At first look, the quality looks great, the buttons feel solid, […]

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What is FPV?

So you ask, what is this FPV racing, FPV flying, or just FPV that you’ve heard about? In the drone and R/C hobby world it comes down to using an onboard camera and controlling your vehicle (drone, car, plane, etc.) from a pilot’s or driver’s point of view using a screen and camera. And just […]

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