News: “Drone License” – New Rules For Drone Use By The FAA

Have you heard?


The Federal Aviation Administration has finally revised some rules regarding the use of drones.

We at LIT drones have put together a brief summary of the new rules. Take a look and comment for questions and discussion!

Alright, now, the new rules only apply to drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) weighing under 55lbs which are used for non-recreational and non-hobby purposes. So, that means that if you are using the drone for business or making some cash using drones, then these new rules will apply to you.


  • You MUST obtain a Knowledge Testing/Remote Pilot Certification, pretty much a drone pilot license.
    • Tests are available starting August 29, 2016, we’ve provided more information at the end of this post
  • You must perform pre-flight inspections.
  • Visual Line-of-Sight (VLOS) flying only.
    • The drone (aircraft) must be visible to the operator without any visual aid (binocular, telescope, FPV System, etc) except for corrective lenses (glasses, contact lenses).
  • The weather visibility must be a minimum of 3 miles from the point of operation.
  • The drone cannot fly over people who are not participating in the operation.
    • It also goes as far to say to not fly under a covered structure or inside a covered stationary vehicle.
  • You can only fly during daylight.
    • 30 min. before the official sunrise and 30 min. after the official sunset times
  • Must yield to other aircraft. (Could possibly include model planes, heli’s?)
  • Max speed of 100 mph.
  • Max altitude of 400 feet from ground level.
    • If altitude is higher than 400 feet, it must be within 400 feet of a structure.
  • You must not operate the drone from a moving vehicle or aircraft.
  • You must not operate more than 1 drone at once.
  • No careless/reckless operations of the drone.
  • Must not transport/carry hazardous materials.
  • You must not operate a drone if you know or have a reason to know that you have a physical or mental disability that can interfere with safely operating the drone.

Study Materials and Testing Centers

DISCLAIMER: For all the details and actual wording of the rules, please visit the following 3 links on the FAA website.

Note that the FAA will refer to the drone as an Unmanned Aircraft Systems. This includes the drone (aircraft), the radio, fpv system, etc.

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2 thoughts on “News: “Drone License” – New Rules For Drone Use By The FAA

  1. Do you know how much the drone license is going to cost? And does it need to be renewed like a driver license?

    1. So the remote pilot certificate [drone license] is supposed to cost about $150 but will probably depend on the test center.

      The FAA requires that every 24 months you need to retake the test or take an online training course to keep your “drone license” up to date.

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