Month: July 2016

LIT Drones: The Traxxas Aton Review

Traxxas, we expect quite a few drone fans to be familiar with this name. They’ve been in the RC business for a long time now. We’ll make this quick so you can get out there and do whatever you guys do during the day lol. Traxxas has created a drone. They created the Traxxas Aton. […]

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News: “Drone License” – New Rules For Drone Use By The FAA

Have you heard? The Federal Aviation Administration has finally revised some rules regarding the use of drones. We at LIT drones have put together a brief summary of the new rules. Take a look and comment for questions and discussion! Alright, now, the new rules only apply to drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) weighing under 55lbs which […]

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