Eachine Falcon 250 Review

Let’s see, what can we at LITdrones say about the Eachine Falcon 250?


Well, FPV racing is becoming more and more popular but I know, duhhhh, you guys already know that.

So, what Eachine did was make it super easy for you guys to jump right into the fpv drone racing world with a RTF (ready to fly) kit that seriously gives you some awesome bang for your buck. The Eachine Falcon is a newer, upgraded version of the already popular Eachine Racer.


We’ll stop this chitter chatter and get straight to the breakdown.

Eachine gives you a full carbon fiber frame with brushless motors that’s ready to fly right out of the nifty little carrying bag that it comes in. It’s a 250 scale drone, which pretty much became the standard in drone racing. The motors are 2300KV and are mounted on top of a set of clever tilt adapters to give you more forward momentum. It has a CC3D flight controller, a 3s battery, balance charger, a Fly Sky I6 transmitter, and 20 amp ESC’s as well for those who want to run 4s batteries for more power.


And what’s that? You want some FPV action you said?Well, Eachine went ahead and installed a 700 TVL camera onto an adjustable camera mount so you can still see when you’re flying at full tilt. They also already installed a FT200 VTX to really make it FPV ready for you. All you need to do is to grab your favorite FPV goggles or monitor, hook it up, and fly. (We purchased the EV800 FPV Goggles from Eachine. Check out our review at our LIT drones website for more info on this FPV goggle/monitor.)


But can this thing handle a GoPro?

We went ahead and installed our GoPro right on top with GoPro’s full housing just to see how much weight the Falcon can handle, and it handled! You can definitely feel the weight difference, but it still flies plenty fast that we even uninstalled the motor tilts the Falcon came with to be able to hover a bit easier.

drone with gprodrone in the sky

The price of the Eachine Falcon is very competitive and very appealing for any beginner FPV racer. We bought our Falcon from Banggood.com for 219.99 US.

flying at tiltleft turnbooty

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below. Or just give us your opinion on what you think of the Eachine Falcon 250.



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4 thoughts on “Eachine Falcon 250 Review

  1. I personally own a eachine Falcon, have had for about five months it’s a great machine. I’ve done a few mods, I’ve updated the camera to a PZ0420, I ran into a problem with their not being enough voltage coming from the video transmitter to the camera so I had to install a step-down converter for 12 volt to 5 volt but that was not an issue. I also upgraded to 5045 propps Tri blade and dual blade. And I saved about 100 grams of weight by taking off the side plates and the motor mounts. It made a big difference in handling in rate mode with a run camera on top and extra weight of the 4S battery.

    1. That’s awesome Jason! How hard was it to figure out that you needed a step-down converter? And do the tri blades really make a difference? One more question, what’s the specs on your 4s battery and how well does it work on the falcon?

      Thanks for your input!

  2. Hey! How long does it take to recieve your falcon if you order from banggood?

    1. When I ordered mine, it took about 3 weeks or so. It depends I guess. They give you an estimated time on their website.

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