Beginner Drone: Estes Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter Review

Beginner Drone: Estes Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter Review by brian 

Look no further! This is an awesome ready to fly, beginner drone for the price as you can get a hold of one of these for somewhere between $25 to $30. It comes in a variety of colors and also allows multiple to be flown at once allowing you to fly with your friends.

It can definitely take a beating from crashing into walls, dropping onto concrete, and getting tangled up in hair in the unknown areas of your room. The only thing you need to get started is 2 AAA batteries and something to plug in the USB charger to, this could be your typical phone charger or computer usb port.

What’s in the box?

The Proto X comes with the following:

– Mini 2.4ghz Controller

– Proto X Drone

– 2 extra Clockwise Propellers

– 2 extra Counter Clockwise Propellers

– USB LiPo Charger Cable

It also has blue and red LEDs to help you with the orientation of the drone while flying. The blue LEDs are on the front end while the red LEDs are on the rear end. These definitely are a help so you don’t go forward at full throttle into a wall but that can still happen sometimes ?



Flying the Proto X

After fully charging the Proto X it’s time to fly. Once you bind with your controller the Proto X has 3 flight modes to choose from. It will start in the “beginner” mode initially but you can cycle through the modes by depressing (pushing down) the right control stick down.  You definitely want to start easy to get a good feel for how the Proto X will move. The Proto X also has a flip and barrel roll feature built in which is a neat little gimmick.

I’ll say that is was difficult my first time flying. After a good 10+ flights of bashing into walls, cutting up my fingers from trying to catch it, and very worn out props I was getting a good hang of it. After feeling confident I switched to the next flight mode and started over with plowing into the walls but figured it out quickly and it feels to be the most perfect for maneuvering indoors. The last “expert” mode is definitely great for an outdoor setting as the pitch and roll is very high and will gain speed very quickly.


There is one concern I do have with the drone and that is the wire placement on the rear 2 motors. If you take a close look at the photo where I am holding the Proto X there is a white wire directly next to the yellow “tab” on the motor mount. It is soldered right next to it and may rip the wire off in a bad landing.



I will say again that this is an awesome little drone and is a great beginner drone. The Proto X has everything you need to get started, you can fly it indoors at your convenience, it will help you understand the basic quadcopter flight, and is very affordable.


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